[acerbity broken bits piece drink water to have what profit]

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Acerbity short is in our life still is commonner, no matter southern north has, flavour ache slightly, more appetizing, general and OK disappear of be good at stomach is fed, have stimulative digestive effect, OK still bate is hemal, fall blood pressure falls hematic fat, also have effect to reducing weight, a lot of people like, also can use acerbity stubble piece bubble water is drunk, so acerbity short piece bubble water is drunk have what profit, it is friends’ detailed introduction nextShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Acerbity broken bits piece drink water to have what profit

Drink the moisture with water complement indispensible human body everyday, be helpful for attenuant blood. Be beneficial to metabolism, protect wet moist to the skin, raise Yan Youhao action, OK and aperient. Easy alimental is digested. Won’t get all sorts of stone, water extends the ashman inside body namely, can prevent an eye work, avoid eyesight to issue demote quickly, the much advantage that drink water is great, before early in the morning gets up and sleeping especially half hours drink a cup of water, insist to be benefited every day all the year round boundless! Acid of acerbity short flavour, pleasant, the gender is lukewarm. Put in classics of lienal, stomach, liver ‘s charge. effectiveness: 1, disappear feeds change accumulate be good at stomach: Use at inside indigestion not disappear, abdominal distension bellyacke, jalf congealed have loose bowels. 2, gas of invigorate the circulation of blood, travel comes loose Yu: Apply to YuLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The bellyacke of hematic block sluggish, dysmenorrhoea, use at discharge dysentery bellyacke, gas painful. Tipple hawkthorn piece water can be shown enhance appetite, improve Morpheus, maintain density of the calcium in blood and bone, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance to wait,

Acerbity broken bits piece drink water to have what profit

Hawkthorn makes fruit of Shan Ligong, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, rouge again. Hawkthorn is called ” macrobian food ” . Hawkthorn is fed except delicacy outside, can make hawkthorn piece, wine of sauce of fruit the root bark of the tree peony, haw jelly, the fruit of large Chinese hawthorn, preserved fruit, hawkthorn. Hawkthorn piece with hawkthorn fruit the root bark of the tree peony it is the commonnest, the most popular hawkthorn goods.

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The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, hawkthorn flavour pleasant, sex is acerbity, enter classics of lienal, stomach, liver: Have disappear to feed be good at stomachShanghai noble baby

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, invigorate the circulation of blood changes YuShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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effect. Advocate breast of sluggish of the dyspepsia that treat the flesh, children feeds disease of fat of bellyacke of backwater, gastral cavity, tall blood to wait.

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The home points out, a variety of nutrition part still are contained in hawkthorn. Element of male chaste tree: Can block is broken inferior the synthesis of saltpetre amine, also can restrain the sex causing cancer of yellow aspergillus element. Modern medicine considers to make clear inferior the happening that saltpetre amine and yellow aspergillus element all can cause enteron cancer or accentuation.

The 3 terpene such as acid of neat mound fruit and hawkthorn element kind material: Can show the content of cholesterol of the serum in reducing blood and triglyceride, prevent and cure effectively thereby arterial congee appearance is sclerotic: This kind of material still can contract through strengthening cardiac muscle force, increase sendout of the blood in the heart thereby, outspread coronary artery is hemal, increase flow of blood of coronal arteries and veins, reduce cardiac muscle oxygen demand, have strong heart and the effect that prevent angina pectoris thereby.

Acerbity broken bits piece drink water to have what profit

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: Yellow ketone gets together with how the material such as yellow alkyl block is broken and can reduce freedom radical generate, enhance the immune power of airframe thereby, rise to defend the anile, action that fights cancer.

Yellow ketone: Have the effect of outspread blood-vessel and abiding step-down.

Organic acid: Can appetizing disappear is fed, effect of sluggish of dyspepsia of special offset flesh is apparent.

Of hawkthorn fight bacterium action

There is the active ingredient that restrains bacili of coccus of grape of yellow of all sorts of dysenteric bacilis, green pus bacili, coliform organisms, gold, anthrax to wait in hawkthorn, can use at the cure of bacterium dysentery.

Acerbity broken bits piece drink water to have what profit

Of hawkthorn fight radiation action

First of fruit of house of quantity of agglutination of the fruit in hawkthorn, amount to 6.4 % , according to newest research, pectic the effect that has radiation-proof material, can from ~ is taken away inside body the radioelement of half (strontium, auger, palladium) . Pectic still have adsorption and the property that fight bacterium, but the bacterium in purify bowel, toxin, chain water is divided.

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