[the nutrient value that suckles leather]

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Suckling leather is northward nomadic a kind of milk products that loves quite, advocate if use the bright grandma of horse, sheep, ox and the domestic animals such as the camel,make, although the way is very simple, the raw material of need is very much however. The practice that suckles leather is not fixed, having very big concern with the area. Suckle leather to have a grandma as a whole sweet and adipose sweet, somewhat sweet taste, very goluptious, important is nutrient value particularly tall. So, what does the nutrient value that suckles leather have?

Suckle the nutrient value of leather

1.Contain a lot ofprotein, have maintain potassium natrium to balance; to eliminate oedema. Enhance immune power. Move low blood pressure, be helpful for growing development.

2.Calcium is the basic raw material of skeletal development, direct shadowShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Noisy height; adjusts enzymatic active; participates in sarcous activity and nerve, nerve to give the qualitative exudation that releases; adjustment hormone an inflammation of; adjustment rhythm of the heart, control of the; that appear a gender that reduces a heart and vessels and oedema; maintain soda acid to wait evenly. Contain a lot ofphosphor, have compose ossification bone and tooth, promote grow the rehabilitate that reachs the body to organize an organ, supply energy and vigor, participate in the adjustment of soda acid balance.

Suckle the nutrient value of leather

3.Contain a lot ofcopper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, to blood, central nervous and immune system, the splanchnic development such as hair, skin and skeletal organization and brain and liver, heart and function have main effect.

4.Contain a lot ofadipose, maintain body to protect splanchnic; to offer; of indispensible fatty acid to promote vitamins of these fat dissolve sex blandly absorb; to addLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Add full abdomen touch.

Appropriate crowd: Appropriate and angular, immune force is small, memory1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Leave the crowd of demote symptom, grow development standstill children. ; of anorexia, partial eclipse falls asleep not easily, easy sleep lightly hypertension of antenatal of giddy; of; of intellective stunt of few and far between; asks for hair of; of; easy cold integratedly; oedema and the pregnant woman with insufficient lactescence and lactation woman. Tooth of bone painful; becomes loose, fall off the; much dream, insomnia, be agitated, irritable, old people that is short of calcium. Occurrence dizziness, lack of power, easy tired, tinnitus, dazed. The crowd of symptom of osteoporosis, heart-throb and crowd of hidebound, profession.

Suckle the nutrient value of leather


1.Bright eye: Vitamin B1: Can prevent remedial eye ministry faintness of dry, eyesight, conjunctiva congests, prolapse of phlogistic, double eye, pupil enlarges optic nerve, the eye ministry disease such as myopia. Vitamin B2: Can prevent remedial eye to be afraid of light, weep, burn feeling unwell, conjunctivitis, eyelid along phlogistic, iris phlogistic, cornea shows nebula pattern cloudy disease of ministry waiting for an eye. Calcic: Increase the elastic force of eyeball wall, the happening of myopia of prevention and cure and development.

2.Raise a heart: Protect a heart, protect cardiac muscle cell, prevent or be to alleviate palpitation, heartbeat is wrong wait.

3.Connect breast to give birth to breast: Stimulate the exudation of estrogen, promote mammary gland to provide growth thereby, the breast is grown. Content of vitamin of B a group of things with common features is very rich, can promote metabolism, be helpful for the synthesis of female hormone and progestational hormone, have beautiful bosom effect.

4.Strong bone: Contain abundant1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Rich vitamin and microelement, can help calciumLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Absorb character, stimulative bone metabolizes. Have rich calcium, matrix of can exciting bone and bone cell grow, make calcic salt deposit in bone organization. Prevent or be disease of auxiliary cure orthopaedics.

5.Raise Yan Hufu: Can enhance cutaneous to fight scathing ability.

6.Raise shade filling empty: Filling empty caustic, beneficial essence is angry, embellish lung filling kidney, use at lobar kidney deficiency of yin with irritability. Of appropriate empty fatigue benefit.

7.Fight decline fight radiation: Have extremely strong cleared freedom base ability, have fight blood-vessel of head of heart of radiation, precaution disease, enhance immune power, delay the effect such as consenescence. Have fight oxidation active, can reduce what computer radiate brings about to cross oxidation reaction.

8.Protect hair: Contain protein food, the assimilation of classics stomach bowel is absorbed form all sorts of amino acid, be albumen of synthetic hair horn is indispensibleForum of Shanghai night net

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Composition. Contain vitamin B, make the hair presents the effect of natural burnish.

9. other effect: Clear lungs of recuperation gas blood, be good at heart, stop to be prevented yearningly cough, cure haematemesis.

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