[filling water abstains encyclopedia of face film recipe]

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When weather is drier, our skin lacks water quite, the skin that lacks water appears very easily burst perhaps appears long blain, we should be so proper have filling water to skin. The filling surface film that average woman friend uses is bought through protecting skin to taste inn, use the face film that oneself make rarely, actually we can make a few simple filling surface film in the life, can save expenditure not only, still can have the effect to filling water at the same time, the making method that studies them together.

 Filling water abstains encyclopedia of face film recipe

Abstain filling water to protect wet area film

1 vitamin face film

Vitamin A, D each 30, dimensionForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Give birth to element E50 bead, heat them to dissolve, fish out the glue shape of its surfaceA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Oily shape liquid, take right amount bright milk, egg white to mix together, put the cold storage in the freezer compartment of freezer. Half hour shifts to an earlier date to be taken out when be being used every time, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Besmear is massaged gently on the face, 10~15 after minute abluent. Nutrition of this face film is protected again wet, can use all the year round.

Aloe of filling water of 2 powerful effect face film

Aloe can fill highly ability of water, lock water, become skin filling water to protect wet the first selection that protects skin to taste. Practice: Choose fresh the Lu Hui of big individual plant, small bowl enters aloe juice after cutting a few paragraphs small to put mixer agitate inside, join right amount chicken egg white, milk powder or bright milk; to become agitate of 3 kinds of raw material mushy, apply at facial, undertake be massaged gently.

3 orange face film

 Filling water abstains encyclopedia of face film recipe

Orange range pattern suits dry, the skin with more cutin, can make cutaneous hemal the wall changesA is pulled fall in love withShanghai night net

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Get more rich flexibility, in the meantime, orange can be solved effectively facial transfer ruddy affliction, right amount fruit juice will be taken after orange flay, join algal pink agitate next, the daub after mix is even arrives facial after 10 minutes abluent can.

Filling water is protected wet double apply face velar method

The first pace: Clean face

 Filling water abstains encyclopedia of face film recipe

Before use face film, had better use the discharge makeup breast, milk-like liquid that wash a face first facial cleanness clean. Can avoid dirty stuff to jam not only so in pore, and the nutrient that still can let face film go up is absorbed adequately.

The 2nd pace: Skin of 2 cleanness, convergent bright

After clean face, water can make up on besmear, in order to balance the soda acid value of skin, have clean effect at the same time.

The 3rd pace: Chamfer is qualitative, massage

This measure basically is to be aimed at certain brand to be met before use face film the program such as tie-in chamfer qualitative frost, massage oil, the purpose is impurity of hope purify skin and old useless cell, function of stimulative cutaneous second birth and increase skin pliability. If do not have special need, can not do elliptically.

The 4th pace: Apply film

When apply uses film of face of cotton cloth type, answer to begin from eye place first, stick at whole face ministry gently, do not stay between skin and face film have any bubble. Apply face film can get off after about 15 minutes, in order to make up water mop clean or rinse with Wenshui. If your skin ” tired thirsty ” or attribute particularly dry kind, can much apply 5-10 minute, but do not exceed 30 minutes as far as possible.

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