[of cheeper use disease more] – of symptom of _ children _

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Because be in,children uses disease more is commonly small when fall ill, ate medicaments to stimulate what bring about to the child’s brain, a few more apparent symptoms, it is the child always can make a few stranger expression, and go up to always can quiver with the foot on the hand, also blink an eye via regular meeting, small to these comparisonShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Little show, parents should bring to sb’s attention, so does the child move disease what to clinical show have more?

 Of cheeper use disease more

Children moves disease to say cerebral function is slight and maladjusted again more, it is a kind of commonner children behavior unusual problem. According to foreign report, its sicken rate is 5% ~ 10% , the boy over girl. Children uses the feature of disease more:

 Of cheeper use disease more

(1) activity is overmuch, lack controls capacity oneself.

(The attention with unconventional 2) is not centered, flabbyShanghai noble baby

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Calm. Without resist the volitional power that the environment disturbs.

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(3) mood is flabby, much more impulsive act, work take no account of consequence, capricious1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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And row.

(4) is badly-behaved, good fight affray, love gets angry, tyrannize, refuse to obey certainly. This also is one of features that children uses disease more.

(5) study is difficult, achievement is inferior. Although intellectual growth is basic normal, but learn not to go in, be disgusted with learns a mood.

The feature that children uses disease more is in infant period have unusual show, if Yi Xingfen, feed is more difficult, relieve oneself of not easy nurturance is used to timely. Later mobile increase, the movement is not harmonious, especially delicate act is poor, attention is not protracted, behavior is aimless, mood Yi Chong is moved and lack controls capacity. Children moves the feature of disease to return expression to be not centered as a result of attention after enter a school more, the word is much, petty action is much, often disobey classroom discipline, study grade is average.

 Of cheeper use disease more

Most little patient to adolescence its symptom is reduced apparently, a few little patient still accepts the blemish on sexual case after manhood. Because the past lacks understanding to this disease, often have this kind serious conductA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The children of the obstacle regards piquant make trouble, obstinate and unruly as, criticize penalty blindly, notLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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But do not close to expect the result, cause the parent and children instead between, the psychological antagonism between teacher and student.

Children moves the pathogeny heretofore of disease not to have final conclusion more. Think environmental element is like antenatal commonly, when producing, with postpartum slight brain damage is the mainest reason; also somebody thinks as traumatic as genetic, head, nerve metabolizes unusually

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