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Anaemic meeting causes people to feel dizzy, it is the body does not have what effort even, and the complexion that anaemic meeting causes a person is hoar, labial color is not ruddy also, to put an end to anaemic phenomenon, everybody can be used a few necessary and compassesFall in love with the sea

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Model the method has treatment, it is the puncture examination that has marrow so, Fall in love with the sea

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What does anaemic and medullary puncture check

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The diagnosis of all sorts of 1. blood disease, differentiate diagnose reach cure to follow visit.

Increase of measure of the red blood cell of 2. unidentified reason, leucocyte, plaque or decrease reach morphology is unusual.

The diagnosis with 3. unidentified calorific reason and differentiate diagnose, can make medullary education, medullary smear looks for helminth to wait.

Tool preparation

Puncture wraps 1. marrow (puncture needle, gauze)

2. hole towel

3. glove

4. asepsis injector 2 (10ml or 20ml, 5ml)

5. is treated dish (anaesthetic of club of alcohol or tincture of iodine, iodic fluorine, cotton, adhesive plaster, bureau)

What does anaemic and medullary puncture check

6. education base (when need)

Operation method

Does spine: go up before 1. puncture place chooses ① Qia? H △ that place of?~2cm of play of glow  Zhao is nodded as puncture, here bone surface is calmer, secure easily, does spine: go up after operating Qia of ② of convenient and safe; ? Does pilfer of chew of brandish a surname tell yo ⑼ end to you can make fun of: of sternal handle of ③ of? of class of haze of the anxious bosom that cut Yun? ┐ of the Huaihe River of class of bright haze of low of  of bluff of branny Gou of  of Shun  prize sheathing or bow case drips О Cong protects  spoon to bring up having enough to go  of Shun of  of  of  ┐ Ta invades type daughter-in-law. Does Mu of travel of  creek bamboo-plaited basket or suitcase take an examination of play of  of Sao of the  that press Gou to come does ┩ mound does ⑸  O blink thorn of lumbar of ④ of? of ∮ of Chi of  celestial being dash forward: ?

When spine puncture going up before 2. posture breastbone and Qia, take lie on one’s back. Side should be taken to lie when spine puncture going up after Qia. Lumbar thorn dash forward seat or side are taken to lie when puncture.

3. convention disinfects the skin, wear asepsis glove, shop to disinfect hole towel, till,make local soak anaesthesia with 2% lidocaine periosteum. Do ” to taste anaesthesia of ” glyph much dot. Await 2min left and right sides, make periosteum gets sufficient soak and anaesthesia.

4. secures medullary puncture needle implement fixed go up in proper length (ilium puncture makes an appointment with 1.5cm, fat person but1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Put appropriately long, sternal handle puncture makes an appointment with 1.0cm) , secure puncture place skin with left hand Mu, forefinger, the right hand holds a needle to hang down at bone face straight penetrate into (if be sternal handle puncture, puncture needle and bone face become inclined assassinate of 30~40 ° horn to enter) , control after bone of puncture needle bring into contact with rotate, slowly the bone that get thorn, should feel obstruction disappears, and puncture needle already was secured inside bone when, express to already entered medullary antrum. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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What does anaemic and medullary puncture check

5. is used 2 dryA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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0ml injector, will inside bolt exits 1cm, pull out needle core, receive on injector, with proper strength slow pump, it is thus clear that a few gules and medullary fluid enter injector inside, medullary fluid pump is measured with 0.1~0.2ml advisable, take next injector, will medullary fluid is pushed at Bo piece on, make smear 5~6 quickly by assistant piece, send check cell morphology and cellular chemistry coloring examination.

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