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When believing a lot of parents are pregnant, the child that is him hope can healthy. But in real life, many pregnant woman are in in the process of pregnant check, can discover the problem that the child is existing to misshape. If the child is existing the word of this side issue, must have treatment in time, if cannot have treatment, can choose to continue according to oneself apiration gravid or induced labor. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The symptom of fetal deformation

One, fetal deformation pregnant woman has what reaction

Fetal deformation is general pregnancy does not have a symptom, him pregnant woman also feels do not come out, without what special reaction, need does examination ability to discover a problem. It is in gravid 18-20 Zhou Jin travel B exceeds a sieve to check commonly fetal have without deformation; Amniotic fluid is smoked to undertake genetics is checked in gravid 16-21 week; 4 dimension colour can be done to exceed an examination in 20 week hind. Pregnant woman should build card to undertake yield check regularly to the hospital.

The symptom of fetal deformation

2, the expression of fetal deformation

1, limbs misshapes

Basically include to point to foot more, show foot, deformation is sufficient, articulatory dislocate of joint of unusual, marrow, short limb. Deformation pointing to foot points to foot like how or point to foot, visible at euchromosome dominance or recessive heredity, have familial history. Deformation pointing to foot incorporates sometimes other position is unbalanced, sometimes only odd limb comes on, sometimes limb all has deformation.

2, congenital heart disease

Congenital heart disease is blood-vessel of fetal period heart development is unusual and formShanghai noble baby

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Become a priori is unbalanced. Its exact pathogeny has not clarify completely up to now. The patient misshapes with the heart and vessels exclusive clinical and unusualShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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3, labial cleft palate

Pure lip cleft palate basically is polygene heredity. Environmental element often affects the incidence of a disease of labial cleft palate. Say for example parental age, gravidShanghai noble baby

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Period wait with medicine, disease. Gravid drama is spat continuously 3 months or more better, the happening of labial cleft palate heighten.

4, enteron misshapes

Be born any position that blemish can produce in enteron: Esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum andShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Anal. What deformation is an organ more is depauperate, bring about obstruction. Enteron deformation needs a surgery commonly correctional.

The symptom of fetal deformation

3, how to after discovering fetal deformation, do

1, majority is not deadly sex deformation not to need to undertake surgical intervention in pregnancy, wait like congenital heart disease, can treat in the undergo surgery after be born. But fetal deformation may affect the part the safety inside fetal palace, need undertakes intervention in pregnancy. As a result of operation venture big, technology asks tall, at present the cure inside most and fetal palace still is in experimental phase.

2, postpartum cure: Of disease of make water of acetone of the repairs art, congenital heart disease operation cure of cleft palate of the ventricle billabong operation that is like hydrocephalus, lip, benzene medication etc.

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