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Spermary is cortical was being defeated is the reason because of smear likely, at that time we should want to notice to defeat leather processingForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, because the skin of spermary place is very easy meeting,get of bacterial infection, we should want to wear comfortable briefs, and undertake to cut disappear poison bacterium is handled, stop next1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Stop sexual life, can go up in daub of place of spermary broken skin Sha Xing treats left oxygen fluorine, and use physiological salineShanghai night net

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Swab disinfection.

Spermary is cortical broken

Above all it is traumatic that scrotum defeats a skin cause, scrotal still eczema or attrition is caused, the proposal can use lotion curb bacterium to rinse everyday, wash scrotal place frequently, 4 to 5 minutes next daub breast of more than 100 state creams, if Sao urticant feeling can match,daub is the same as ketone health Zun ointment, little activity notices during cure, suspensive sexual life, the briefs that changes clean everyday, dietary respect notices not to drink, eat hot food less, those who note scrotal position is ventilated, promote local dry.

Returning a consideration is the scrotum that causes by bacterial infection local the case that has inflammation caused damaged, this kindShanghai noble baby

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The uses some of diminish inflammation remedy with situation active need has treatment through the method of profess to convinced and external use, suchA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Ability can have very good effect, can select sanded star of left oxygen fluorine, profess to convinced of armour saltpetre Zun, what at the same time external use iodic bend over disinfects damaged is local, such ability are OK as soon as possible eliminate inflammation, cure a disease, after scrotal surface damaged can touch physiological saline wipe up with cotton autograph, besmear iodic bend over is disinfected again, had better want lie in bed to rest.

Spermary is cortical broken

The male maintains effectively the method of spermary:

Above all, spermary is the main component of male reproduction organ, a lot of places are called ” egg ” , in fact, spermary is really ” able ” organ. Above all, it knows Leng Zhi to heat up. Spermary hides inside scrotum, when weather is torrid, adjust scrotum is loosened, come loose quickly hot. When weather is cold, scrotal meeting is tightened up, hold quantity of heat, decrease medicinal powder hot. Such, according to environmental temperature and meet an emergency, spermary can maintain optimal temperature at any time.

Next, to the organ of spermary male, a lot of males often ignore spermary maintain, cause needless spermary disease. Spermary also has very strong ego to protect consciousness. When human body is in insecurity and quicksand, spermary can be raised quickly and be lapped closely by scrotum, in order to avoid risk.

Finally, to prevent the happening of spermary disease, most male should do groovy precautionary work. In the meantime, it is very important also that spermary maintains. Spermary remains activist. It is not implicit the motion of scrotum and body. Was tired of a pose when you, it can exercise your skeleton and muscle. After careful observation, you can discover spermary can happen inside scrotum turn round.

Spermary is cortical broken

Spermary is very important to the man, do not yield spermary disease pictureFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The health of noisy spermary. In daily life, people is not much to spermary understanding, be just like us to be not used more to moon understanding. Want to become a healthy man, understanding and protective spermary are very important. The temperature of spermary is very high, the temperature that likes most is 35 degrees. When environmental temperature sets range more than, be harmed very easily. Accordingly, male sister should be a few less soft sofa, comfortable the trousers that breathe freely, a few less sauna, create a comfortable working environment for spermary.

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