” tear open play an expert ” : It is current that the person that has employed says the best VR game

According to report of ArsTechnica of website of science and technology, the person that often employs game knows, the bomb in game has a way, want to do calm they are very simple. These bomb or are personate, move to you slowly before explosion; or wants you to be done in game namely tear open surely play the task, the world is saved in the last moment (press pushbutton can be finished) .

Cooperate in new much person nevertheless VR game ” nobody can be dropped by scamper ” in, the thing can be done not have so simple, because an original road is complete,used without giving thought to. This game leave out the tradition tears open the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities in playing game, taking a player to approach crisis site continuously, here you need to pull down a bomb that timing in reciprocal.

This game was offerred for the player overturn of the gender tear open play an experience, play every time rise special addiction, you will be panic-stricken not self-conscious cry, the friend that fight watchs on the side also can cheer accordingly caper. In all fairness, ” nobody can be dropped by scamper ” it is we had played the most absorbing much person game absolutely, and its change multiterminal, every time plays to have brand-new experience.

Though ” nobody can be dropped by scamper ” it is game of a two-men, but only a player can be torn open in the spot play (responsible and main operation) . After game begins, bomb can begin 3-5 minute time, the player needs to make the best of time to use joy stick and pushbutton control part to find tear open the organ that play.

Everybody should have seen the scene that actually game place describes, when the hero in work of movie and TV is tearing open bomb, do not know to should cut which line namely. In average case, the distance tears open the aide that plays the place with further spot to should still one cannot hurry to the spot personally, this assistant or is elder is torn open play an expert, or is mastering the crucial information about bomb.

And the mechanism on bomb can not be can of get behind, want to reveal truth, be about to rely on the 2nd player. Nevertheless game developer dug a hole here, although the 2nd player is being taken in the hand tear open play a manual, but the plan of the person that he sees less than tearing open play, can use a language only so to tear open the person that play to describe all sorts of problems, and tear open the person that play to need fibrous root is found out according to former description corresponding how-to feedback the expert outside field, finish below the expert’s guidance tear open play the action.

See this is torn open for the first time play a manual, estimation player is met the head is big, because it shares 23 pages, if you do not want to turn over a page on flat,turn over dizziness so, still had better go to those who print a paper edition play.

In addition, before beginning to play game, we recommend a player to study official specification first, or the is died by scamper only destiny that awaits you.

Be aimed at 14 different toll-gate, there is all sorts of is like in the manual of latest edition like enigma how-to, and unlock the process of these enigma is formal the real fun place of this game. E.g. , the line that there is 3 to differ to 6 colour in a mechanism, so which can clipping just pull down bomb? Be aimed at this kind of mechanism, if be average game, can ask normally your clipping red line, do not touch blue line. But ” nobody can be dropped by scamper ” but different, all sorts of pertinent questions can appear in its manual. For instance, a few white lines to connect in all on bomb? Does the line of they and other facial expression leave so that there is many close? Batteries is in repeatedly on bomb? Of what model is bomb? A number is there above?

Carry the problem of these make oblique references, the player that is taking a manual needs to find out line of root where shears after all to perhaps press which button, subsequently he wants to will be torn open play measure to give be in charge of tearing open the player that play. What need reminds is, the wrong time that different bomb gives is different also, if you guess the simplest question not to come out, be afraid one shears goes down with respect to Game Over.

By the way one, just example is the simplest only tear open play toll-gate. Want be enlightened to close, be afraid the understanding of two players and the gift of tongues want to promote a class, what go up with the manual because of screen is how-to too too abstract, think the description is clear can not allow easy.

Tear open the person that play to may see all sorts of metabolic letters on screen, can appear even sometimes rub Si Mi is piled up. And all news that place of the person that the player of responsible manual needs to write down next tearing open to play says (had better take paper and pen) constitute them useful information.

Though ” nobody can be dropped by scamper ” advocate the experience that hit VR, but if you do not have a head to wear device, also can play with Windows PC (future still can land OS X) . Although two people can play this game, but if on the side have a flock of spectator, its fun sex can soar subsequently. Because add the increase that watchs a number nearby to be able to increase psychological pressure of the player, such you can experience the feeling that tears open the sort of insecurity when playing.

Because two players cannot communicate smoothly, the channel between two people is led to toward not smooth, and this also can let be like,stretch tight closely originally the circumstances of iron more let a person feel asthma not to go up gas. In addition, because ceaseless trial and error and bomb pour timing vicinity, the player’s mood will be more nervous.

Because have 14 toll-gate only, those who be afraid the player is the afraidest is its can enjoy a sex, need not worry nevertheless, developer but won’t let you can play be bored with partly temporarily. All sorts of interference that increase difficulty were joined in this game, be disturbed like power cut, noise and all sorts of surprises. Additional, developer future still can be his increase new toll-gate ceaselessly.

Nevertheless this game also has groove to nod, that is its change is not big, if be the player that cooperates adroitly, after patience play the 2nd times may feel bored a bit.

Nevertheless, because a player needs to staring at screen only in game, because this is in charge of providing the expert outside how-to field,can pass a telephone call directly or Skype and tear open play a player to contact, this let long-range game become a possibility.

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