Rancorring Ke Jie of Wang Saicong anger brings a netizen to resent: Intelligence quotient bound you do not deserve to comment on

Login register Wang Saicong of text of news of sports of center of news of the network austral Fujian angry rancorring Ke Jie brings a netizen to resent: Intelligence quotient bound don’t you deserve to comment on origin: ?  ?2017-05-23 16:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Beijing time on May 23 afternoon, ke Jie上海千花网论坛

is opposite an AlphaGo3 time big fight of man-machine of chess head bureau ends, alphaGo hold white 1/4 child conquer Ke Jie, although play away a bureau is right definitely, but a lot of chess enthusiast and netizen or the expressional feature assist to Ke Jie, but before big fight, ke Jie suffers however 10 thousand amount to the group director, anger that is known as national husband Wang Saicong to rancor, why does doubt stalk or branch now clean unlike goes so aggressive.

Big fight is overnight, ke Jie in individual socialization platform dispatch conveys inner impressions, no matter be defeated,win, this will be 3 dishes of play a game with I and final artificial intelligence, actually I had said a lot of times with friend family below illicit such idea, the fast Yuan Chao that present AI progresses our imagination, I believe future belongs to artificial intelligence, I meet me be done with it with all enthusiasm be opposite finally definitely, no matter face again阿拉爱上海同城

formidable rival,I also won’t back down absolutely! At least this last time.

To deep feeling myriad of Ke Jie, the netizen also is to be Ke Jie actively to encourage, hope clean stalking or branch can is opposite definitely AlphaGo hammer and tongs, can take out oneself optimal performance is good, was defeated also it doesn’t matter, 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

but Wang Saicong rancorred so however Ke Jie, oh, is your that aggressive strong when Li He Alphago falls at that time where went?

Although Li Shishi and A law dog are big last year war, ke Jie published a lot of junior and flighty opinion on public affairs, get at that time a lot of 爱上海同城手机版

doubt, but he dares nowadays man-machine big fight, its spirit is laudable. Be opposite to Wang Saicong accordingly Ke Jie’s doubt, the netizen did not work, make a speech to come forward for Ke Jie in succession, not can aggressive attract you will blind of this kind of chess pay close attention to go? How many doesn’t king childe know you to have to the understanding degree of artificial intelligence and go?

Still the netizen responds to Wang Saicong: Ke Jie compared you strong, capital is besides ability 0. So I am his pink, not be you. Still Wang Saicong of netizen speak bluntly should not appear in the sporting world, thinking oneself invest achievement giving a point really is him skill, becoming his really is a green, you suit recreational group only, intelligence quotient bound you do not deserve to comment on.

Force holds out netizen lean to one side Ke Jie, cry even gave such catchword: Won to accompany you mad, was defeated to accompany you to carry! You are the pride of compatriots. Be worth what carry is, fu Yuanhui of natant famous general also pays close attention to a man-machine big fight, ke Jie is to cheer before the match, although Ke Jie was defeated by a bureau, but still win p爱上海同城

raise, think Ke Jie dares at least sheet carries AlphaGo.

Outspread read: Ke Jie: ?  Jie α ?AlphaGo is sacred! Be defeated so that do not have clean of a bit disposition stalking or branch to battle AlphaGo: ?  ?000 10 thousand be defeated to also 2 million Wu Zhenke clean is opposite a summit of go of AlphaGo man-machine big fight will be whole read related leg: Ke Jie: ?  Jie α ?AlphaGo is sacred! Be defeated so that do not have big fight of man-machine of 2017-05-23 of a bit disposition the上海同城对对碰交友社区

first bureau: Phase of Guanzi of clean stalking or branch seeks hand of AlphaGo144 of changeover good chance painstakingly summary accident 2017-05-23 AlphaGo the spring of Fujian of recreation of news of 8 things 2017-05-23 that to Zhan Kejie you must want to know city Zhangzhou Xiamen

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