Anhui book collects sanded boat to cross a ship in Fujian maritime space 13 sailors are missing

Last night, the netizen releases a message to say on small gain: Just got a very unfortunate information, home town presses down the boat that collect sand to sink in Fujian maritime space like Shan Hepu, at present the fisherman misses entirely! Point out sunken ship is brace up mix 168 rounds.

The East China Sea is saved 113 rounds begin rescue (the data pursues)

This morning, reporter from China the maritime center that rescue affirms this message to belong to solid, obtained more information.

Via confirming, on March 30 17 when 40 minutes, the maritime center that rescue receives 爱上海同城手机版

the Fujian Province newspaper, anhui Zhen Hehai carries limited company place is belonged to brace up mix 168 rounds (working s爱上海同城论坛

hip, captain 137 meters, always ton 6426, on the boat 13 people) in Taiwan Mom ancestor island with south place of about 10 sea mile breaks couplet (be apart from southeast of mainland Fujian estuarine to make an appointment with 11 sea mile to be in) , request to rescue.

After receiving a reply, the maritime center that rescue adopts the Fujian Province the following measure: It is to coordinate a clique to give 0805 of sea make one’s rounds, the East China Sea to be saved 113 rounds, how is tug amounted to annulus head for deliverance; 2 it is to coordinate Taipei China to rescue association to send the force that rescue to head for deliverance; 3 it is to broadcast voyage warning, coordinate assistance of shipping of the maritime space around to search for.

As we have learned, this boat was in on October 13, 2014 maritime bureau cancels Anqing, hind classics for many times buying and selling, at present not阿爱上海同城

the shipping with effective hold is registered wait for certificate, on the boat 13 sailors all are mainland book. 30 days 22 when 12 minutes, spot mainland rescues shipping in southwest of the position that break couplet place of 3 sea mile discovers one breaks up buckle shipping, checking this boat to whether be at present brace up mix 168 rounds.

Current, 0805 of sea make one’s rounds, the East China Sea is saved 113 rounds, place of office of Taiwan sea patrol belongs to PP3571 annulus wait for helicopter of minister of major of 8 shipping and traffic Department of Transportation to be in the spot begins the operation that rescue, have not discover 13 are missi新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ng sailor.

The reporter was contacted the lady of leaf of family member of crew of stage city home town that in Fuzhou maritime bureau awaits a news anxiously, the father of her husband and uncle go up in this boat. The lady that occupy a page says, come to help at present return afoot, sailo上海同城对对碰交友社区

r life and death is unidentified. Have 229 crews family member about in Fuzhou maritime bureau awaits a news.

Subsequently, the reporter calls county Party committee elephantine mountain to publicize a ministry, according to preliminary investigation, there are sailor of 6 books elephantine mountain and sailor of home town of digital stage city on this boat. Already organized relevant personnel to hurry to Fujian like hill county government 上海贵族宝贝论坛

at present, assistance has done relevant work, do the conciliatory work that is like family member of hill book crew actively. (reporter Xue Congchuan)

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