Dragon of 10 a surname of famous general of badminton of beautiful athlete Fujian are selected 2015

Yesterday, ministry of sports of Xinhua News Agency is judged went out 2015 10 beautiful athletes of Chinese. On a list of names posted up of Chen Long of Fujian badminton famous general of champion of male single of tounament of badminton of the world that defend crown famous. It is below 2015 10 beautiful athlete list of Chinese:

1. Su Bingtian (male, track and field)

26 years old. 2015 Eugene of league matches of diamond of international cropland couplet stands the man runs in 100 meters of matches 9 seconds 99, make first Chinese athlete that runs into 10 seconds to close greatly. On tounament of Beijing world track an爱上海同城

d field, su Bingtian makes life of chief push forward man of bright and beautiful match the Asian player of 100 meters of fi上海千花网

nal; The Chinese team that he presents as leading role is picked in final of relay of man 4X100 rice silver medal, created the optimal military successes of project of relay of rice of the 4X100 on history of Chinese track and field, also created the optimal grade of this project on history of Asian track and field.

2. Ning Zetao (male, swim)

22 years old. With 47 seconds on natant tounament of world of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting the achievement of 84 obtains a man gold of 100 meters of crawl, become world bright and beautiful to surpass the first place on the history to carry off man of champion of 100 meters of crawl Asian. On the history that in the swim that established 1973 world bright and beautiful surpasses, ning Zetao also is the first promotion man the Asian player of final of 100 meters of crawl.

3. Zhu Ting (female, volleyball)

21 years old. As core player help China women’s volleyball is in gained the championship on contest of world cup women’s volleyball 2015. This is Chinese women’s volleyball after Athenian Olympic Games gains the championship 11 years, take world volleyball again the champion of 3 contests, win Liyaoao at the same time carry can take part in the match qualification. Zhu Ting receives in glory a world cup the most valuable player.

4. Liu Hong (female, walk)

28 years old. Will go up to win a woman with 45 seconds in tounament of world track and field on August 28 champion of 20 kilometers walk. This was 1999 world of track and field after bright and beautiful contest, chinese athlete wins this project championship first. Liu Hong still is in challenge of walk of international cropland couplet will pull Keluniya in June the woman is broken in station match the world record of 20 kilometers walk.

5. Sun Yang (male, swim)

24 years old. The world of hill of noise made in coughing or vomiting that will hold in August swims on tounament, sun Yang obtains a man rice and gold of 400 800 meters of crawl, realize 800 meters of crawl successfully 3 Lian Guan. In addition, he still wins silver medal of 200 meters of crawl, continue to hold a title world natant tounament is optimal man athlete. ,

6. Guo Chuan (male, caique)

50 years old. Guo Chuan leads his group to will set out from Si Ke of Russia city Ma Erman on September 3, along arctic northeast channel maritime space sails, 15 seconds when using, the voyage makes an appointment with 3240 sea mile, arrive at the score of the Bering Strait. This is the mankind nautical history go up to drive first caique, adopt pass through t爱上海同城手机版

o means without motivation, uninterrupted, of no help arctic and northeast channel.

7. Yi Jianlian (male, basketball)

28 years old. On October 3, the Chinese team that Yi Jianlian presents as leading role is in final of Asian basketball tournament with 78: 67 defeat Philippine team, the peak of return Asia, acquire the ticket that carry meets direct Liyaoao. This is Chinese team history the 16th carry off inferior champion of bright and beautiful contest. Selected and opt新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

imal battle array is elected as Yi Jianlian for the most valuable player.

8. Chen Penbin (male, long-distance running)

37 years old. Chen Penbin from the sea heart of Guangzhou Sha Yayun park set out on April 2, everyday uninterrupted run a marathon, along road course Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Heibei, Tianjin, Beijing visits town 9 times, will arrive at the terminus of the 100th marathon outside be located in Beijing all things to amount to a center on July 10.

9. Chen Long (male, badminton)

26 years old. On August 16, chen Long with 21: 14 with 21: 17 beat Malaysia veteran Li Zongwei, defend champion of male single of tounament新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

of crown world badminton. On May 17, he and teammate together with 3 than 0 defeat Japanese team, obtain Su Di the 6th times continuously champion of tounament of graceful cup mixture organization. Rank world the first, become the first world to rank integral to break through t上海贵族宝贝

he athlete of Chinese male single of 100 thousand.

10. Zheng Zhi (male, football)

35 years old. Grow as Guangzhou constant group, zheng Zhi leads constant to be in greatly inferior the group of A He interest that A couplet chief of a tribe beats in final of coronal league matches, win championship, enter world club cup to surpass 4 strong. He returns those who be seleted gentleman of football of 2015 year Asia to await choose roll.

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