“Taiwan achieves an objective ” in Fujian: Find development Wo Ye to harvest warm support

Be about to go 2015, the people does poineering work, innovation of millions of people makes engine of economy of the our country that help strength not the new power of extinguish. Li Kejiang of premier of the State Council is in middle finger of governmental working report goes out this year, should let numerous achieve a guest to show itself. From this, an everybody is contended for do the times that achieves an objective to come eventually. Lie between the Fujian that sea facies looks at with Taiwan, produce the distinct advantage of close of ground predestined relationship adequately, attracting comptatriots of Taiwan, especially Taiwan youth comes to the mainland do poineering work the respect hands over a beautiful exam paper.

On May 4, when Xi Jinping of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China is interviewing Zhu Lilun of Chinese Kuomintang chairman, point out, the psychology that wants society of both sides of mature two sides is experienced, enlarge cross-strait people hard be benefited face and obtain feeling, should be people of cross-strait basic level, medium and small businesses especially, farming poineering obtain employment of piscatorial collaboration development, youth offers more opportunity, let cross-strait brethren participate in be benefited more more more. We are willing to share development opportunity with Taiwan brethren above all, be willing preferential open to Taiwan, and open to Taiwan brethren strength wants a few bigger.

On June 14, yu Zhengsheng of chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of members of standing committee of the Political Bureau of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, whole nation is on forum of the 7th channel announce: The mainland 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

will be cross-strait brethren communication to create better condition further, include to be avoided to mainland of contact of comptatriots of Taiwan grant attach a slip of paper to a document with comments on it,

Share development opportunity with Taiwan brethren, for the youth poineering obtain employment offers more opportunity, for two sides brethren communication creates better condition, end from which place, in step.

On June 4, government of Fujian Province people comes on stage technically ” about encourage and supporting Taiwan youth to come Fujian does poineering work the opinion of obtain employment ” , supportive Taiwan youth with solely invested, joint-stock or the form such as partnership establishs enterprise, in the industry such as development of business affairs of Fujian culture originality, electron, agriculture, new and high technology the domain does poineering work. In addition, the Fujian Province still examines in condition of custom, discrepancy the respect such as come-and-go of quarantine, finance, travel, personnel, drive fulfil stage of a batch of stimulative Fujian to communicate cooperative policy measure.

At the beginning of be being established oneself, bearing the weight of experiment from trade to the Fuj爱上海同城论坛

ian of stage collaboration mission the area is to attracting comptatriots of Taiwan to come more do one’s best of Fujian poineering respect. Since hanging out his shingle this year in April, xiamen, smooth pool piece the area established poineering base of youth of 2 two sides, at present already more than 500 enterprise or project are registered halt.

A series of be born that deepen Fujian stage to communicate measure let personage of cross-strait all circles times feeling is filled with exultation. The bosom puts dreamy Taiwan to achieved a guest to find the Wo Ye that development does poineering work not only in Fujian, more harvested come home kind of warm support.

Come from the Yu Shuqin achieving an objective of Taiwan Kaohsiung, one is being managed in Xiamen the name is lakeside 5 Chinese meal hall, this dining-room although the high end in fixed position, be in however in recent years high-end meal market receives numerous and cold, well-known trademark in succession below the big setting of seek transition, still maintaining good development momentum.

Yu Shuqin tells a reporter, the course that she does poineering work in the mainland is not plain sailing, but depend on an emulative energy, and various stage does, of stage couplet help energetically, her much home dining-room stands firm in Xiamen stage by st新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

age, those who receive numerous citizen visitor approbate.

Just began to be hit in Xiamen go all out, whats do not understand, ability and stage do later get in touch, they offerred a lot of support and help in my poineering process. Here, yu Shuqin takes out his mobile phone, revealed station of district of Xiamen city Siming to do built two sides to the reporter an intimate small letter group, taiwan businessman, stage runs the staff member small letter in this warmth group the communication in the group is interactive, the Taiwan businessman encounters any problems to be able to put forward inside, the staff member can be in reply for a short while, solve. Various stage does with comptatriots of Taiwan between good and interactive, let Yu Shuqin feel the support that won warmth.

Active the Yu Shuqin that communicates a gleam of in two sides is 100 thousand settle in Fujian an epitome of comptatriots of Taiwan新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

. They go up in the job, poineering arena besides business, still releasing light and heat in ground of the utmost in the life. They are becoming new Fujian person, the dream also blossoms in Fujian.

The expert comments on:

” poineering the world ” Luo Xi of magazine executive chief editor pays close attention to state of affairs of cross-strait poineering development closely for years, he expresses when accepting people network reporter to interview, current cross-strait poineering atmosphere, fujian should compare Taiwan area undoubtedly more active, this also is one of main reasons that attract Taiwan to achieve a guest to come to the mainland do poineering work. Among them, fuzhou, Xiamen becomes Fujian area most the heat town that gets Taiwan to achieve a guest to favor.

According to Introduction Luo Xi, taiwan achieves a guest to be engaged in new agriculture, article starting industry of industry, drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine more in the mainland 3 kinds of poineering projects. Among them new agriculture and article achieved an industry to had laid better foundation in Ta爱上海

iwan area, the mainland is 新上海贵族宝贝论坛

gotten in the development advantage of respect of industry of drug of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine run the whole world. This shows, cross-strait poineering communication shows the characteristic with apparent complementary industry.

Luo Xi thinks, large quantities of Taiwan achieve Fujian of guest take root to do poineering work, will new agriculture, article achieves an industry to wait for the industrial experience with be in Taiwan area relatively mature to introduce the mainland, defeat on one hand solved Taiwan economy progress to tend the predicament with backwater, superfluous industry, brought relatively advanced experience, technology for mainland area on the other hand. Taiwan achieves a guest to come Fujian poineering spring tide, no matter be the Taiwan area that encounters bottleneck to developing, still be market space capacious mainland, will produce far-reaching effect. (Shen Yubo)

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