[the cashew that hang frost] _ of practice of the daily life of a family of _ cashew _ makes methodological –

Article introduction

During spending the New Year, the cashew with crisp fragile crisp is commonner snacks, eatable also is when lying fallow at ordinary times, compare commonly welcome hang frost cashew namely when this cate is eating, need prepares a few Bai Sha candy and cashew first, still cashew of a few peanut oil needs to fry crisp first, scatter finally on Bai Sha candy can have been done,

How is the cashew that hang frost done?



Advocate makings: ?  ?400 overcomes) .

Condiment: ? Consult scar?150 is overcome) peanut oil (10 grams) .


1. fries boiler park medium baking temperature to go up, infuse peanut oil, cold oil puts lumbar nutlet, when controlling oily Wen Sicheng, raise scamper 3 to 5 minutes, color of nutlet seeing a pocket changes slightly, instantly fish out drop strikes oil.

2. fries boiler temper to go up, put clear water 20 grams join white sugar, boil slowly change, show ivory when from fire, put cashew, mix even hind, frost of the candy after entering dish of refrigeration sticks full nutlet can.

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How is the cashew that hang frost done?

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Practice 2


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, orange 1



1. prepares Bai Sha candy, orange, cashew

2. cuts skin of below a few orange, do not want white part, cut end, need not cut so that break again

3. prepares one pannikin syrup first, candy of Bai Sha of 600 milliliter clear water, 1 big spoon, had ironed cashew first with syrup, make candy adherent be in the surface of cashew, form icing, go again next scamper is made, the colour and lustre of such cashew is met brighter

How is the cashew that hang frost done?

4. the cashew fish out that has ironed with syrup, drop does moisture, the blast in putting oily bowl again is made, in the oil of microtherm is lukewarm, slowly scamper, scamper makes 10-15 minute, scamper becomes golden yellow

The cashew fish out with good scamper 5. , enter orange peel last stage in cashew at this momentForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, mix slightly, the fragrance after orange peel warm-up comes out very quickly

6. reassume a boiler, addA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Enter clear water of 2 big spoon and candy of Bai Sha of 5 big spoon, heat slowly, make candy is dissolved, boil a hubble-bubble, wait for hubble-bubble to greaten thicken stiff nowadays enters cashew, involve fire at the same time, keep breaking up next fry, let each cashew be lapped by candy, at the same time orange peel also adheres to together with candy go up in cashew, drop as temperature form candy frost to had been done.

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