[the effect of soup of dove lotus seed] – of advantage of _ of _ nutrition value

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Everybody is familiar with dove very much among constant life, dove cent is two kinds, one kind is carrier pigeon it is indicative peace, still a kind of dove eats the meat namely columbine, it is rich contain rich nutrition, dove flesh is enraged benignantly enrich the blood, clear heat is alexipharmic, and the effect that still has health care, and lotus seed contains many calcium, phosphor, potassium, lotus leaf is alkaline wait for a few vitamins, often edible is OK filling empty of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, powerful head be good at body, syncretic of both of soup of dove lotus seed, it may be said is optimal and nourishing.

The effect of soup of dove lotus seed

Effect one: 1. hairdressing is beautiful colour, improve the health, vigor of constant nurture youth. Columbine flesh contains a lot ofall sorts of nutriment, content of its cartilage element can be rivalled with pilose antler. It is OK to often eat dove manage takes a person to increase nutrition, improve human performance, make the person is full of life, the skin is bright beautiful, have the effect of permanent nurture youth, return skillful craftsman to promote sexual function. Eat medlar to stew breast columbine, not only delicate and goluptious, and have nourishing the medical effect of powerful body, achieve the goal of the prolong life.

The effect of soup of dove lotus seed

Effect 22. nutrition is nourishing, strong1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Muscle be good at bone, promotional human performance. Breed columbine protein content is abounded, amino acerbity composition is reasonable, easily human body is digested absorb. Eat milk more columbine can make the cell gets enough nutrition, make systemic organ vigor abundant, metabolic unobstructed. Have boiling water of the dove that stew, can embellish lung1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Bright witness, filling empty fatigue, strong bones and muscles, make physical strength, eyesight, mental restore. It is refection of second reading staff member reachs those who enhance a constitution to enter Bu Jia meat and fish dishes. Take yam a surname child soup of Yi benevolence dove, can stop to itch and treat the skin to do coarse, maintain the skin smooth. Be very popular the eat breast that stew is columbine, can advance haemal ring, prevent consenescence, lengthen youth.

The effect of soup of dove lotus seed

Effect 33. accelerates heal of body rehabilitation, stimulative cut. Ormosia dove soup is the cordial of known to all, this soup contains a lot ofcolumbine collagen albumen, have the effect of heal scarForum of Shanghai night net

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, together with ormosia has enrich the blood, the action of element of antifebrile, disappear, can promote body rehabilitation and cut heal, repair scar. Agree with rehabilitation of the patient after of all kinds operation is entered fill, the old person often is fed but slow down senile plaqueShanghai night net

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appear, maintain skin smooth. Effect 44. is added wisdom filling head, prolong life. Cerebral phosphatide is contained a lot ofin columbine head, can promote an organization inside the cellLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Metabolization is newer, what can defer cerebral tissue and nerve cell is anile. Force of edible rear body adds, clarity of train of thought, memory soars. Having main effect to the intellectual growth of mental worker and student and children. Effect 55. cure insomnia and neurasthenic. Medical cure square: Dove fries onion, have sleep peacefully, demulcent fine effect, increase digest, cure is neurasthenic wait for effect with insomnious disease.

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