[how does aspic loose fine and soft eat] how does _ eat – of _ edible method

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The time that bacterium of fresh loose fine and soft saves below normal temperature is shorter, can save two days only commonly, say bacterium of picked and fresh loose fine and soft to be able to undertake commonly so refrigerant, can save very long time soForum of Shanghai night net

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, at ordinary times we are in a supermarketShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Buy bacterium of refrigerant loose fine and soft, want to change aspic in time, can put immerse inside Wen Shui, clean carefully next, the nutrient value of bacterium of loose fine and soft is very good, it has the effect that enhances immune power, and flavour is very delicious.

How does aspic loose fine and soft eat

How does aspic loose fine and soft eat:

1. washs mushroom of loose fine and soft clean, immerse half hours with 300 milliliter water.

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Chop head is abluent, rolling the float in water to drop hematic water.

1500 milliliter water is added in 3. earthenware pot, chop head and Ji Songrong are put after be being boiled, immerse the water of Ji Songrong bacterium also is joined along with all the others. Boil again move ammunition the smallest, slowly Bao.

Flay of 4. Xian Huaishan, cut the lump that controls for 8 millimeter into ply.

5. platoonShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Bone and Bao of loose fine and soft after 1.5 hours, join Xian Huaishan, after conflagration is boiled, again small fire boils 20 minutes. 6. Add salt and gallinaceous essence of life finally can.

How does aspic loose fine and soft eat

Ate Song Rong to have what effect

Once the nutrition that somebody compares nutrient value of Song Rong into an ox, so is this view right? This view actually exaggerative not at all, song Rong is one kind feeds capable person with rare fungus, his nutrition is very rich, explain according to the record, in the forest that Songrongsheng grows 3000 meters of above.

Song Rong has the effect that enhances power of human body immunity, song Rong still contains a lot ofalcohol of loose fine and soft, what thing is this? Alcohol of loose fine and soft is a kind of material that fights cancer, so the value on Song Rong’s medicine also is very tall.

A lot of people also can use Song Rong do health care, long-term edible loose fine and soft waiting to intestines and stomach is better, song Rong is pure natural, song Rong contains a lot ofalbumenForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Wait for an element character, of the immune force to human body rise have very great help.

How does aspic loose fine and soft eat

To a few do the person before computer for a long time for, radiation-proof it is very important, and Song Rong still has an effect, can send radiation namely, song Rong prevents to have very great help to radiant.

Outlet of loose fine and soft is the biggest producing a division is sweet case lira, sweet case lira is to be in brim of Qinghai-Tibet Platean southeast, sky of sweet case lira is pure, tower aloft on snow, everythings on earth grows. And the environmental demand with long opposite of loose fine and soft is very high, is the environment with sweet case austere lira brings up the most high grade Song Rong.

Song Rong also is the person that must live below atom bomb, after the World War II, after the atom bomb bomb of Hiroshima, only Songrongsheng grows, in Japan so Song Rong returns what be weighed to be ” divine bacterium ” but looseFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The growth of fine and soft is very slow, want the ability of 5 loose fine and soft that arrive 6 years to grow come out, their life also is very short, from after plucking, last period only short 5 days or so.

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