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Article introduction

Bittern drumstick is very delicious, but made process is not simple. We need to had done bittern first, the making test of bittern is very much the person’s hutch art, we need to be boiled for long make ability let bittern chroma increase, achieve can immerse the flesh kind the effect. Bittern drumstick has a lot of notes, if immerse,time passes short word, may bring about stockpile to did not taste, not quite delicious. So, what does the practice of bittern drumstick have?

The practice encyclopedia of Xin drumstick

One, cate raw material

Drumstick 6, yellow rice or millet wine 25 grams, soy 15 grams, white sugar 2.5 grams, fennel 4, cassia bark 1 small.

Cate practice editor

1, drumstick divides clean nap, go bone (cannot tear open flesh incision bone) , put a basin inside;

2, burn boiled water to call out, throw drumstick, after boiling about 2 minutes, scoop, abluent blood foam;

3, former boiler is abluent, put down drumstick, add clear water lid of 150 grams, yellow rice or millet wine, soy, candy, green, fennel, cassia bark, after be being burned, turn small baked wheaten cake is ripe about 30 minutes, take out, after refrigeration, section loads a tub, irrigate bit of former bittern namely good.

The practice encyclopedia of Xin drumstick

2, cate characteristic

Golden color, sweet tender, xian Xian.

3, happy work drumstick

Be aimed at E now generation is young product of first happy vivid farm that network a group of things with common features rolls out has: Bubble of wild hill any of several hot spice plants phoenix claw, plainShanghai noble treasureLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Bubble of any of several hot spice plants is drumstick of stew in soy sauce of sauce of phoenix claw, old a raised lot of land for planting flowers, old wing of chicken of bureau of drumstick of bureau of wing of chicken of altar sauce stew in soy sauce, salt, salt.

One of practices

1, raw material: Drumstick 500 grams. Complementary makings: Salt 15 grams, rock candy 2 small, soy two small spoon, anise 3, chinese prickly ash 8, cassia bark 1, chili 3, ginger, green, cooking wine, gourmet powder is right amount.

2, material handling:

Clean the bubble in be being put in clear water after clean drumstick 15 minutes, the purpose is soak blood water there is fishy smell after avoiding to machine.

3, practice:

After right amount water is being joined to be burned in boiler, join except drumstick is put after all complementary makings burn divide evenly of 3 minutes of agitate beyond gourmet powder, boil gourmet powder is joined to continue to boil when making time be in 20 minutes or so 5- – 10 minutes of conflagration stop boiling water. An edible can be filled after putting out fire to be made frowzily 15 minutes.

The practice encyclopedia of Xin drumstick

Of the practice

Material: Deserted chop condenses thick gravy a packet, drumstick


1. drumstick goes feather, wash clean.

2. is put into boiled water to boil 2 minutes to remove hematic water, go float foam, scoop drop to work.

3. tears apart deserted chop to condense thick gravyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Inside after bag, affusion heats, flavourFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 saunaShanghai noble baby

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The line became thin can add thick gravy more.

4. drumstick enters bittern conflagration boil, in small fire cook over a slow fire 30 arrive 50 minutesSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

5. involves fire, let drumstick immerse 1 hour in bittern, sufficient tasty.

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