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Thyroid this is an organ with very main human body, and its also are a flimsier organ appear more easily a few disease, thyroid agnail is people daySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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A kind of common disease is compared in often living. Suffer from this kind of circumstance to be able to difficulty of voice gall, deglutition waits a circumstance a moment, face this kind of circumstance to need people to adopt measure in time to was treated, having kind of view is dandelion can treat thyroid inflammation, so below will introduce dandelion to you can treat thyroid inflammation?

 Can dandelion treat thyroid gland

Dandelion just has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, improve the function of body immunity force, did not treat the action of thyroid tubercle at all, thyroid tubercle is checked further, if discovered later, greaten or uncomfortable, should cause in time take seriously, suggest the operation is treated.

Remedial method:

The first: Operation cure

The operation is the swiftest method that improves thyroiditis disease, also be one of common methods. But it belongs to kind of ruinous cure, if excision became much,meeting occurrence armour is decreasedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The too little meeting that excises if really makes the illness has a relapse.

Thyroiditis serves as a kind of common disease, long-term since, the conventional treatment such as operation cure, Western medicine cure, radiative cure is applied in the cure of thyroid disease all the time, although obtained certain result, but these conventional treatment can defer only symptom, existence recrudesce leads tall, side-effect to wait for defect greatly, and scar of existence of cure of open sex operation is big, restore time to grow wait for defect, let a patient flinch.

 Can dandelion treat thyroid gland

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The 2nd: Radioactivity is iodic 131 cure

Radioactivity iodine treats the common method that also is remedial thyroiditis. The patient that chooses to should treat a method at present has a lot of. The biggest drawback can cause disease armour to reduce a disease namely. The odds that armour appears to decrease after radioactivity iodine treats a year is 4.6% to 5.4, the odds that along with the elapse that treats time occurrence armour reduces can increase slowly. Be less than 25 years old or appear to spend wellability again dash forward the patient of the eye, cannot use this method.

 Can dandelion treat thyroid gland

The 3rd: Medication

Medication thyroiditis often is hormone diminish inflammation sees at most, it can improve thyroiditis patient’s condition on certain level. But also have certain drawback, that cannot effect a radical cure namely, it often can medication through large dose only improve a patient’s condition. Also have certain side effect, the liver that can endanger a patient is lienal, have a relapse easily also, increase expenditure.

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