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Mention donkey-hide gelatin, most person is not new, everybody knows donkey-hide gelatin is the effect that has nourishing body, a lot of people often edible donkey-hide gelatin will recuperate the body, but donkey-hide gelatin at ordinary times the forehead has a way is rife, and the sort of donkey-hide gelatin also has a lot of, donkey-hide gelatin has a way differently, the content standard of donkey-hide gelatin also is different, donkey-hide gelatin is OK and a lot of tie-inner nevertheless feed material to be taken together, can produce the result of donkey-hide gelatin acme so.

Of donkey-hide gelatin how much is eating law and dosage?

Of donkey-hide gelatin eat law and dosage

1, do congee

Like to become the friends of congee with donkey-hide gelatin in daily life, can take 100g of polished glutinous rice to boil, belt when thoroughlying cook, polished glutinous rice puts 15g donkey-hide gelatin quickly, bell of the dichotomy of agitate divide evenly that boil is OK edible, this kind has a way hemostatic to raising blood, embellish lung installs an embryo to have first-rate curative effect, everybody can try.

2, do boiling water

Do boiling water with donkey-hide gelatin, we need to prepare egg and honey, the practice is: Take right amount donkey-hide gelatin to be stewed first change, next rejoin spoonful honey, develop an egg again, the soup of egg donkey-hide gelatin of so delicate nutrition has been done, everyday in the morning when take, breathe heavily to coughing the disease such as more than, asthma has alleviateForum of Shanghai night net

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The effect.

Of donkey-hide gelatin how much is eating law and dosage?

3, bubble wine

Everybody still does not know the likelihood, donkey-hide gelatin also can use bubble wine to drink actually, drink with wine of donkey-hide gelatin bubble have enrich the blood hemostatic, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, the effect of embellish lung, suit decline of those deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it to fizzle out very much, complexion is not had China, swimmy heart-throb, the patient that deficiency of yin with irritability coughs is taken, specific operation method also is simpler, we can prepare 80 grams donkey-hide gelatin first, cut small next, put world then inside, joining right amount yellow rice or millet wine, put world in the boil on slow fire finally, wait for donkey-hide gelatin to be changed, when medicinal liquor has 500ml about, can get off, wait after medicinal liquor is cooling, OK and drinkable, remember hollow warm water, drinkable 20 ~ 30ml, everyday 3.

Of donkey-hide gelatin how much is eating law and dosage?

4, boil red jujube

Donkey-hide gelatin and effect of body of red jujube recuperation are very pretty good, withForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Donkey-hide gelatin boils the word of red jujube, can treat a heart lienal two empty, the disease such as palpitation insomnia, the friends of need can be operated according to the method below, above all we need to prepare 10 red jujubes, the donkey-hide gelatin of 6g dolly, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Put red jujube right amount water infusion is joined inside boiler, when red jujube is thoroughlied cook sodden, rejoin beforehand the donkey-hide gelatin of dolly, can join a few brown sugar to flavor appropriately, wait for donkey-hide gelatin to melt to be able to be taken entirelyForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby

Of donkey-hide gelatin having a way is more, so specific dosage also did not unite a standard, when hoping everybody is eating donkey-hide gelatin accordingly, can be in of the doctor1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Next directive undertaking, Shanghai noble baby communicates an area

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When also suggesting everybody is buying donkey-hide gelatin additionally, should go normal drugstore.

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