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Certain zone when people marries, essential part is red egg, and people follows a ceremony when, master home also can give guest a red egg, representing first-rate import. The guest of contactForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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The guest brings back red egg the word of an edible, can represent auspicious He Gonggong fire. So preparation is about to prepare red egg ahead of schedule in marrier family, and what when making red egg, basically be to use dye to have egg incarnadine make a method?

 Incarnadine egg uses what thing

Practice one:
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Raw material: Egg, red pigment


1, the egg of carapace of will whole area is washed clean, thoroughly cook the egg with clear water, cool ripe egg next;

2, move dye into an orchil water with Wen Shui, put the egg that thoroughly cook into salver next. Make whole egg all catch red to be able to be scooped up, wait for red egg again cool dry. Then red egg has been done! Ask everybody to notice here a bit: Do not cook the egg namely rot and boil broken A, also meet inside the egg otherwise erubescent.

 Incarnadine egg uses what thing

Practice 2:

Raw material: Egg, red paper


1, it is direct use the egg watchcase that thoroughly cook red paper gently a, egg crust can become red. But should keep be being wiped gently, make whole egg red ability considers do good oh;

2, the person that this practice applies to need to make red egg inside short time, the way is simpler, go to the lavatory again.

 Incarnadine egg uses what thing
Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Red egg can poisonous?

What dye catchs is the chorion of the egg, usually, the chorion that wants an egg only does not have break, the albumen itself of the egg was not caught color, won’t have too big problem. But if the chorion of the egg has break, and had been caught arrived egg, do not suggest edible.

Broken broken read aloud: Using the red egg of edible to need is the egg that the course thoroughlies cook thoroughly, because of what did not thoroughly cook the egg can contain salmonellaA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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, eat to be able to create unwell sense very likely into abdomen.

How is the red egg with good-looking appearance to boil come out? The boiling law of red egg is acted according to immediately on!

The first pace: Above all after the egg that stays case is abluent, issue boiler to thoroughly cook along with cold water, come to egg fish out next air is cool.

The 2nd pace: Prepare a Wen Shui next, enter dye, see water immediately erubescent, put the egg with cool airLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The 3rd pace: You can discover the egg is caught very quickly gules, can be scooped up in those days.

The 4th pace: Last pace is the egg after quiet place is caught, when egg desiccate is OK.

Broken broken read aloud: When cooking an egg, must not boil the carapace of the egg was defeated, otherwise from the back colored moment connects an egg very easily inside also incarnadine, eat dye into abdomen to be met very likely bad finish sth, thing having a fault wanted have loose bowels to be able to be bothered.

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